activsale offers you a broad scope of action


Consultancy and strategy :


support during the pre-sale phase: sales preparation phase

  • Country targeting (strategic market vs. market opportunity)
  • Market review, competition study, determination of the product mix or brand (Mapping according to 12 criteria)
  • Strategic recommendations (Price, margin, pricing structure, etc.)
  • Drafting of flow chart(s), legal review (terms and conditions of sale, etc.)
  • Determination of the sales policy

Sales roll-out

  • Targeting of sales partner(s)
  • Operational set-up of a sales force customised to the specified goals of the roll-out and/or market control (agents, representatives, distributors)

Marketing phase

  • Presentation, sampling, coordination, information management
  • Marketing and promotion plan


Network coordination


a network to be forged: external sales management

If you would like to benefit from external sales management on the basis of time-sharing and adapt your workload to your business intelligence needs in keeping with the progression of your turnover, Activsale offers the ideal solution.

It also lends you a dedicated, competent resource with all the flexibility of a service provider.


A network already in full swing: Coordinator

You already have agents and you have identified the constraints of development without any real management or coordination. You now hope to build a sales team capable of working together and calling on state-of-the-art tools. Activsale is able to bring your agents together in a collective approach. Effective reporting is yet another asset which guarantees clear insight when it comes to your business development.



Offer tools to promote your offer, submit proposals for tried and tested operations to leverage your sales.

Practical solutions geared towards one goal: optimisation.

Means of promotion: our database

We plan to promote your brand to an identified target of a maximum of 200 very high potential retailers. Activsale has enabled us to identify and contact them with the emphasis placed on saving time and harnessing boundless energy.

Steve Hudson, Curvy Kate - Director


Means of promotion: phoning

We would like to concentrate our efforts on the 20 to 30% of most interested prospects. Activsale has set up a phoning operation to follow up our mailing operation. This has enabled us to initiate sales talks with very good transformation prospects.

Steve Hudson, Curvy Kate - Director


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