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To let you benefit from our extensive knowledge of markets and their restrictions to help you draft your own specifications.

Type of distribution

Because each need is specific, we offer you a bespoke partnership once your specifications have been established.

We offer a dedicated approach irrespective of your profile. Our goal is to determine development priorities jointly with you in order to launch a partnership and provide step-by-step consulting about how to implement these priorities.


you are...

...Activsale brings you :

  • A brand
    • Consulting in sales strategy and representation
    • Dedicated support
    • Legal assistance
    • Access to a database with over 10,000 contacts
    • Targeted phoning and mailing action
    • A network of agents
    • Collaboration with all stakeholders (SS, mail-order selling, depts., Web)
    • We support your development project
  • An agent
    • Leading brands
    • Simplified supplier follow-up
    • An active canvassing approach (e-mailing and phoning)
    • State-of-the-art tools: database, CRM or customer follow-up tool
    • Optimised administrative workload
    • We support your development project
  • A distributor
    • Leading brands (margin and products)
    • A responsive service
    • Interaction with agents and/or suppliers
    • Sales operations
    • We support your development project
  • A consumer
    • Information you need on collections
    • Referral to your local shop where you can buy the product of your choosing
    • We keep our finger on the pulse in order to satisfy your needs
  • The media
    • A special interface with brands
    • Samples for photo reports
    • Press kits on request
    • Images and information on brands and/or products
    • Information on trends and upcoming seasonal products
    • We keep our finger on the pulse in order to satisfy your needs

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